El Manzanal

Towards a dedicated education centre

Abrazo House has been developing as a home and educational centre since 2005. But until now it has always been a part-time, non-money-making project in which our mission of “learning in nature” has shared time and space with our external paid work and family and other commitments.

Now we are ready to take Abrazo House onward on the next step in its journey by making the transition to an economically self-sustaining, full-time education centre.

In 2017 we are expanding to a second site in the same village, just 200m from Abrazo House, where we are starting two new buildings that will house a fully autonomous education centre. This will be the location for both residential and non-residential, bilingual (English–Spanish) educational programmes with a strong ecological ethos, which could include school visits, university field trips, wilderness retreats, writing workshops, and teaching on subjects ranging from paleolithic art to local food to mindfulness to natural building… all this in a beautiful, tranquil natural setting with excellent transport links.

As well as looking for volunteers to help with the building process starting early in 2017, we are seeking a few experienced and committed individuals who are willing to take on the challenge of setting up and running education programmes at Abrazo House as an autonomous business, while making use of our guidance, contacts and experience.

More details will be available soon. If you are interested, please get in touch using the form.